Week 7: Lucky Number Seven

This week proved that sometimes luck is not on your side but also that luck isn’t everything. Skill, determination, and your willingness to give it everything you have is just as, if not more important. We had a few surprising losses this week but also some big wins that we are so proud of. Let’s give it up for our Gladiators, on to week 8!

Men’s 5on5 Soccer: UNT vs JCU 10-7

The result doesn’t pair with the reality of the game. It was a tight game where both teams were head to head all the time. we were leading on 6 to 5 and then we did a series of silly mistakes that took us 10 to 6 in less than five minutes. We score another goal after that and went close to scoring a few times without any luck. We need to be more cynical in front of the opponent’s goal and be more careful in defense. The game could have gone in both directions, and due to our errors, it went in their favor.

Athletic Director, Alessandro Sabelli, was at the match cheering on the Gladiators.

Sometimes it is a matter of luck or a matter of who makes fewer mistakes, the game was even, our mistakes filled the gap.

MVPGabriele Lanzafame

Next Game:
LCU vs JCU | Thursday, April 7 | 8:00 pm | Via Vitellia, 50

COED Volleyball: JCU vs UCB: 0-3 & JCU vs IPC: 3-2

Sadly, volleyball had their first loss of the season against UCB. The team was well organized and had great players that ultimately took down our Gladiators. There were some silly mistakes that ended up costing us the match.

Coach, Stefano Papari, knows how hard his team worked and is proud even with the loss.

The result on paper doesnt determine how good a team the Gladiators are. Yes, we lost but we fought until the very end. We were winning a lot of the match but in the end they out scored us.

Game 2 of the week ended in another victory for JCU. The Gladiators played very well in the first set but started to relax a bit in the second set which cost us that set. Thankfully, we won the last set resulting in the W overall. Hopefully, we can keep this winning streak!

MVPTaylor Chung & Mara Peruzzi

Next Game:
CRG vs JCU | Tuesday, March 8 | 9 pm | Via Nicola Zabaglia, 27

Men’s Soccer JCU vs UER: 2-3

It was a tough loss for the Men’s soccer team on Wednesday losing to UER 2-3. JCU entered the field strongly, scoring two goals in the first half. However, UER wouldn’t go down easy and brought their A-game the second half. JCU started to let up a bit in the second half and let 3 goals slip by. Although the loss is disappointing, we know they will be ready to redeem themselves against LUM on Monday.

MVPLuke Berg

Next Game:
JCU vs LUM | Monday, March 7 | 9:00 pm | Lungotevere Flaminio, 87

Women’s Soccer JCU vs SAP: 7-1

Luck & talent were on our side Monday when the Women’s soccer team defeated SAP 7-1. The lady Gladiators came out flighting and continued with determination and momentum for the entire match.

Player, Valentina Gozzi couldn’t be happier with their win.

It’s the third time we played against Sapienza Femminile, so we know our opponent very well. They are a tough and determined team, very aggressive on the pitch. We have played cleverly, notably we moved the ball a lot and we pressed hard so they couldn’t construct the action. In the first half, the score was 2-1 for us but we shot in goal around 20 times and they only did one shot. So we need to keep working on being precise whilst shooting and preferring precision over power. But we are on the right tracks, and hopefully this 6-1 victory will be the first of many for this 2022.
Daje Gladiators!

Next Game:
JCU vs AUR | Wednesday, March 9 | 9:30 pm | Trastevere Stadium

Basketball VAL vs JCU: 78-74 & LBP vs JCU: 32-69

JCU Gladiators basketball had both a tough loss and a great win this week. It was a close and tight game on Monday against VAL, with the score being close the entire time. VAL ended up winning by only two baskets but the Gladiators didn’t let the loss carry through to the next game.

Coach, Jose Cano, was disappointed but not discouraged.

Monday was the first real challenge we had, the other team played their best and it showed. We are of course, disappointed for losing but are ready to take them on with a rematch.

On Wednesday, the Gladiators redeemed themselves winning 69-32. Player, Ben Zellmer, had a great game and kept the whole team strong and focused. They already had played LBP, so they knew what to expect and played to their strengths to bring home another W. Great job, Gladiators!

MVP Noah Salah & Ben Zellmer

Next Game:
COR vs JCU | Monday, March 7| 9:45 pm | Via Donatello, 20