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Fall 2018 Gladiators Night Event Kick-Off Was a Success!

On Wednesday, August 29th, JCU Athletics hosted an incredible night event! Tiber Cafè was packed with many new and returning students having fun altogether and kicking the semester off in the best way as possible!

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First round of tryouts

The first round of Gladiators tryouts officially started last night. The first players in action to battle on the field for a spot in one of our varsity teams were Men’s Soccer 11 vs 11 and 5 vs 5, Women’s Soccer 5 vs 5, and Coed Volleyball.

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The Chosen Ones! Official JCU Soccer and Volleyball Teams

The Athletics Department is pleased to announce the Official Fall 2017 Soccer and Volleyball Team Rosters!

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First week of practice!

Tonight, Soccer and Volleyball Gladiators will have their first official practice!

During tryouts our coaches Riccardo and Ion, Paolo, Manuel, Stefano, Elena and Francesco introduced themselves to the new students and already set the goals for the upcoming semester: techniques, strategies, and team spirit! Continue reading “First week of practice!”


Sp17 Coed Volleyball: THE CHOSEN ONES

The Athletics Department is pleased to announce that the following Gladiators are part of the Spring 2017 JCU Coed Volleyball Team:

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