Back in Action: The Spring 2024 Chosen Ones

After a well-deserved winter break, the John Cabot University Gladiators are back in action, ready to conquer the sports scene on campus. Last week marked the commencement of tryouts for the seven JCU teams, covering Men’s Soccer, Women’s and Men’s 5v5 Soccer, Coed Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Tennis. While not everyone was selected, we encourage our students to explore the possibility of joining one of our other teams or participating in our recreational sports activities.

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A Remarkable Semester for JCU Gladiators: Victories, Unity, and Celebrations

As we approach the end of a highly intense semester for our Gladiators, we reflect on the outstanding results from last week and the delightful year-end celebration organized by the Athletics Department for all our student-athletes. Beyond the impressive standings of some of our teams – including the provisional first place for Women’s 5v5 Soccer and Men’s Basketball and the second place for Volleyball, as noted by Coordinator Marco Iorio – the most significant achievement lies in the creation of a beautiful extended family, comprised of over 100 souls united by the same spirit, respect for opponents, and camaraderie.

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