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Back in Action: The Spring 2024 Chosen Ones

After a well-deserved winter break, the John Cabot University Gladiators are back in action, ready to conquer the sports scene on campus. Last week marked the commencement of tryouts for the seven JCU teams, covering Men’s Soccer, Women’s and Men’s 5v5 Soccer, Coed Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Tennis. While not everyone was selected, we encourage our students to explore the possibility of joining one of our other teams or participating in our recreational sports activities.

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Spring 2022 Student Services Awards

Finally, the Student Services Awards were able to take place in person. It has been a long two years of Covid-19, regulations, masks, and evolution but we are here now and ready to celebrate our 2022 Athletic Champions. We cannot thank those enough for continuing to participate in sports, intramurals, and all athletic events. Your support has meant the world to us during these difficult times. Without further ado…our 2022 Gladiator Champions!

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Week 7: Lucky Number Seven

This week proved that sometimes luck is not on your side but also that luck isn’t everything. Skill, determination, and your willingness to give it everything you have is just as, if not more important. We had a few surprising losses this week but also some big wins that we are so proud of. Let’s give it up for our Gladiators, on to week 8!

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Week 6: Through Hail & High Waters

Another busy week for our JCU Gladiators as they continue to fight for victories against their many competitors. Although we had some difficult losses we also had some incredible wins that we should be proud of. Volleyball, Basketball & Men’s Soccer continue to prove their determination with multiple victories and Women’s soccer and 5on5 are giving everything they have to pull through and dominate. Let’s give it up for our Gladiators!

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