Strava Challenge Spring 2021

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Athletics, Community Service, and Student Services, in collaboration with STAND and Grassroots, are excited to announce the launch of a new Strava Challenge! After the great results of the last edition, this project has further developed with the help of our Student Clubs! 

Over the month of Nov. 2020, Athletics and Community Service organized the first Strava Challenge. JCU students, alumni, staff, and faculty had the chance to compete against & with one another. Each week, there was a top 10 ranking and an hourly overall group goal. If the hourly goal was met, JCU donated crucial hygiene products to Vo.Re.Co. We had over 25 active participants who completed 428 hours over the course of the month.

STRAVA is an App that allows users to track physical exercise. The overall objective behind the challenge is to strengthen a sense of community, that is healthy, green, and kind!

We have created a “club” (JCU Athletics) on Strava, to measure and keep track of all types of activity: walking, biking, running, indoor workouts…you name it! Starting February 15th, you will have the opportunity to give back to your local community in Rome, while competing with your fellow Gladiators for exciting prizes. If the group’s cumulative fitness goal, set each week by the Athletics Team, is met, donations sponsored by Student Services and STAND will be delivered to Vo.Re.Coand Chiesa di S. Lucia del Gonfalone. 

The JCU Strava Challenge also means a cleaner environment. When you decide to lace up your sneakers or strap on your bike helmets to commute to JCU, instead of riding a car, you also help reduce the emission of air pollutants. Vehicles emit a variety of pollutants, resulting in increases of the ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter such as particles of dust, soot, smoke, dirt, and liquid droplets.

Grassroots will help us estimate the weekly amount of CO2 reduction and the trees we save!

How to sign up:

1. Download Strava App and make an account

2. Go to Privacy Settings and make your profile PUBLIC

3. Go to “Clubs” and search JCU Athletics under ALL Clubs (or click here to find the club)

4. Request to join

5. Connect your smartwatch to Strava or register your physical activity using the app

Tracking daily exercise can either be done by syncing the app with a smartwatch or by clicking on “register an activity” through the app on the phone. This latter option will allow the user to select a type of activity (ex: walk, run, bike ride, indoor workout, etc.) and track the covered distance, time span, heart rate, and consumed calories. Users can share pictures of their work out, as well as the route they completed, while other users can comment or “like” an activity.

So, are you ready for the challenge?