Outdoor Program


All on-site and in-person JCU Athletics events and classes are limited to current JCU students/staff/faculty authorized to access the JCU campus.

Welcome to the JCU Athletics Outdoor Program page!

The Athletics and Student Services departments encourage all students to take advantage of the many activities and trips it provides throughout the semesters. These cultural Activities and Trips have been created to educate students about Italy in a fun, “hands-on” method. The offices organize local guided tours, Italian cooking classes, visits to the theater, wine tastings, day trips and weekend trips.

Mission and Goals

The Athletics office aspires to open students’ minds, cultivate Community and School Spirit, and challenge students to take on cultural discoveries and acquire more global knowledge. This program also seeks to provide the opportunity to meet other students and live unique experiences.

Participation fees are not refundable. Payments can be made online on myjcu.johncabot.edu/trips. 

Take a look at the detailed information for our Spring 2024 trips. Click on the trip name to discover essential details such as hiking level, duration, intensity, and much more!

Weekend Trip: Snowsport in Roccaraso

Day Trip: Sailing at Bracciano Lake

Day Trip: Hiking and History in Orvieto

Day Trip: Hiking on Mount Circeo

Day Trip: Surfing at Ostia Beach