JCU Men’s Soccer Rolls Over ESN 7-1

A strong come-back game for JCU Men’s Soccer team in the Universities of Rome Championship. After last-week defeat against EIC, our Gladiators are able to get their revenge against ESN, winning the game 7-1.

JCU starts the game on a low tone, allowing the opponents to play more and earn space in the zone. Due to some JCU inattention, ESN is very close to score and take the lead in three occasions. However, our Gladiators suddenly reacts with Ortega (25′) who unblocks the situation and score. ESN doesn’t stop and ties the result thanks to Christian Zech (41′). At 44′ of the game, JCU player Bruni finds the goal that closes the first half with JCU leading for 2-1.

The second half is all downhill for JCU. Our Gladiators get back into the game with a more determined mindset and begin to score one goal after the other thanks to Haddad (51′ – 68′), Ortega (55′), Bruni (66′), and Ottati (75′).

Luca Ottati’s Goal – JCU vs ESN

“If we look at the result, it might seem like an easy game, but it wasn’t certainly the case,” coach Concari points out. “At the beginning, my fear that the team could underestimate the opponents turned out to be right. We could have risked to lose the game. I hope that I won’t ever have to see again the arrogance with which the team faced the first part of the game.”

Now the important thing is that you take home other 3 important points for the ranking, but be careful to underrate your rivals next time!

MVP – Mohamed Haddad

7° URC Game – R3 vs JCU | Wednesday, December 4 | 9:00 pm | Stadio Alfredo Berra

Good test also for JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer team who fights well but ultimately falls to UNINT, 2-4, a new entry in the Championship.

In the first part of the match, JCU is able to keep a steady rhythm, playing well and putting on a balanced game. However, the first half ends with UNINT advantage, but JCU still remains clutched to the opposing team thanks to our captain Palazzi‘s goal. The result is 2-1 for UNINT.

Andrea Palazzi (MVP of the game) – JCU vs UNINT

In the second half, our Gladiators drop the energy a little, and UNINT exploits the situation scoring other two goals. However, Palazzi is still able to pierce the opponents’ goalie with a second goal.

“I want to congratulate with my team for how they played considering that we were only 7 players overall,” coach Franceschi commented. “I see many improvements, and I am bit sad for the final result of the game because we could have even won it. We always find many occasions at scoring, but we always miss them. This is something we need to work more in the future.”

Good job, Gladiators! We are sure that little by little, you will get your win!

MVPAndrea Palazzi

5° URC Game – UCS vs JCU | Tuesday, December 3 | 8:30 pm | Via Trionfale, 7798

During the same night, JCU Men’s Basketball team also take the field in an away game against Amaldi as part of the UISP Tournament.

After winning all the games in a row, the first defeat arrives for JCU. Our Gladiators lose 50-42. Luckily, the defeat doesn’t weight on the overall ranking, and JCU is still at the top of the ranking.

“We are a bit disappointed, but the fact that we had very few players didn’t help us,” coach Serraino affirms. “We had different occasions to overturn the result, but we missed many chances at scoring. We played really well in defense, though, and we fought until the end.”

Well, it happens! Now you will have the chance to get your revenge at the first round of the Universities of Rome Championship 3vs3 Basketball game next week!

MVPChristopher Denham

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