JCU Men’s Basketball Takes it All at Last-Night Friendly Game Against AUR and UNC

JCU Men’s Basketball team is warming up the engine just fine for next-week first round of the Universities of Rome Championship basketball 3vs3 game with another amazing victory at last-night friendly game against The American University of Rome (AUR) and Università Niccolò Cusano (UNC).

JCU gives an excellent performance, outdoing the opponents both in technical and tactical abilities and winning all the games. All the teams play against one another in short games divided in two halves of 10 minutes each.

JCU faces AUR in the first game, and our Gladiators can immediately find great solutions in the paint, also thanks to the fundamental contribution of Axtell. In this match, the management of the game is in the hands of our playmaker Giordano who is always able to win and score when confronted in the 1v1 face-off and drive-and-kick situations.

Sussman takes off with his three-point shot in the second part of the first half, closing with an incredible score from a very long distance. However, his shot starts to drop in the second half, but Denham is perfectly able to make up for this, always finding himself open on the corners and moving well on the perimeter.

Significant contribution in defense also come from Ravipati and Tricarico. Special mention goes to Sulpizi who always uses his minutes in the game, taking home successful 1v1 actions and performing efficient counterattack. JCU defeats AUR, 31-23.

In the second match, our Gladiators face UNC, playing a very similar game to the previous one. In this game, Denham becomes even more relevant in increasing the score gap thanks to his successful three-point shot. JCU wins over UNC, 37-29.

“It was a very good game. The atmosphere was positive, and all the teams had fun,” coach Serraino commented. “I hope that we can have the chance to repeat it soon.”

This is the final ranking at the end of the game:
1. John Cabot University
2. Università Niccolò Cusano
3. The American University of Rome

Congratulations, Gladiators! Now stay focused and let’s go win the last games of the semester before the long winter break!

MVPChristopher Denham

UISP Tournament – Amaldi vs JCU | Wednesdya, November 27 | 8:45 pm | Via Aspertini, 437