Basketball Coach Francesco Serraino

ita Italy
Current Team
John Cabot University – Men’s Basketball 2019-2020


Name: Francesco Serraino
Hometown: Milazzo, Sicily (Italy)
Team Coach: Basketball
Degree: Bachelor Degree in Sports Science
Favorite Quote/Motto: If knowledge creates problems, ignorance won’t solve them!

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1. What do you like the most about coaching at JCU?
Coaching at JCU means working in a healthy environment that cares about sports activities not only as a means of competition but as a means of integration and socialization among the student community.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have ever encountered while coaching at JCU?
My biggest challenge is to encourage students to participate with continuity to the trainings. Despite the recreational aspect of the sport, it is also important that the students show commitment and learn how to be a cohesive team.

3. What do you expect in your players? What is the most important characteristic they should have?
I mainly expect players to show commitment, passion for the sport, and willingness to improve. Since it usually happens to have different levels of players in the team, I think it’s also important that those who are more experienced and have a higher technical play help the players who have more difficulty.