JCU Men’s Soccer Celebrates Victory Against UFI, 3-2

A great night for JCU Men’s Soccer team that takes home an important victory against University of Foro Italico (UFI) and earns other 3 precious points in the ranking.

On the contrary, we can’t say the same for JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer and Women’s 5vs5 Soccer teams, which lose against their respective rivals and still remain at 0 points in the Universities of Rome Championship ranking.

JCU Men’s Soccer team keeps to amaze, and last night is another proof. After last-week blow against LUISS, our Gladiators perform a comeback against UFI, winning the game 3-2.

JCU immediately gains the advantage over UFI thanks to Cattaneo‘s goal. The opposing team, however, scores back and ties the result right at the end of the first half.

The two teams go back to the locker rooms on a draw. The second half keeps on a steady rhythm. Our Gladiators don’t give up and find the advantage goal thanks to Donnini who pushes the ball with his head straight into the opponents’ goalpost. UFI, however, ties again the result on a penalty kick, but JCU player Haddad shakes the game and scores the winning goal on a perfect diagonal.

Special thanks from the team goes to Ahmed Khalil who saves the game at the very end, blocking the opponent who was about to score and tie the result.

“At the beginning of the game, I asked the team a reaction after our last defeat, and the team responded well,” coach Concari points out. “We played against UFI, which is a very strong team, and we also had to deal with important absences like Davoli, Moreno, and Castellani. I think we gave an excellent performance.”

Congratulations, Gladiators!

MVPMohamed Haddad

LUMSA vs JCU | Monday, November 11 | 9:30 pm |Rocco Picarella Stadium

JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer team suffers another defeat on the opponents’ home turf last night. In this second match, our Gladiators face the University of Foro Italico (UFI), which is the current team champion of the past Season.

JCU plays a good game, especially in the first half, which ends with our Gladiators leading 0-1 thanks to Prosperi‘s goal.

However, the situation completely changes in the second half. UFI reacts and begins its series of scores. Our Gladiators try to shorten the score gap also thanks to Perrotta‘s goal, but it is not enough to overturn the outcome of the game, which ends with UFI victory, 5-2.

“We played better compared to our last game, especially in the first half,” coach Franceschi comments at the end of the game. “But everything went off in the second half where everyone started to go their ways and ended up in confusion. We need to find more continuity; we always create good occasions to score, but we are never able to finzalize the action. I think we have to work harder on this aspect from now on.”

Deafeats are useful in terms of growing and improving, so don’t give up and keep working hard! Next time, it’ll be better for sure!

MVPAndrea Palazzi

JCU vs LCU | Monday, November 11 | 9:45pm | Trastevere Stadium

Another home game defeat for JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer team, as well. Our Lady Gladiators play against Link Campus University (LCU), which takes home the victory, 2-11.

Regardless of the result, our ladies play a good game and try to give their best, also considering the limited number of players for last-night game.

JCU immediately takes the lead at the beginning of the first half thanks to our new entry Michela Ciulli‘s goal. However, LCU proves to be a very strong and well-organized team that doesn’t blink for a second and starts to score back. JCU is also able to realize another goal thanks to Fantauzzi.

Ciulli’s goal – JCU vs LCU

The two teams ride back into the second half with LCU leading the game 2-5. The opponents seem to be on fire and kept scoring. The game ends 2-11 for LCU.

“We faced a very strong team that had high-quality players,” coach Farina affirmed. “However, we behaved well in our small way, and we tried to defend our colors until the end. We didn’t even have our official goalkeepr. Our captain sacrificed herself and played as a goalkeeper for the entire first half, and then Michela and Moellyn switched up with her.”

“I am satisfied with this group and all the passion and enthusiasm that they put in every game,” Farina concluded.

Let’s go ladies! It takes time to grow technically, but we trust in you, and we are sure that you will be able to do better in the next games!

MVPViviana Colagrossi

JCU vs UER | Monday, November 11 | 9:30 pm | Trastevere Stadium