Women's Soccer Coach Paolo Farina

ita Italy
Current Team
John Cabot University – Women’s Soccer, JCU

Paolo Farina is the women’s 5 vs. 5 soccer coach. He is Italian, more specifically from the city of Olbia located in Sardinia. He started coaching in 2013 for John Cabot University because, after an unfortunate season, JCU needed a fresh start. Paolo decided to coach 5 vs. 5 women soccer because he thinks it is a division that is growing and that it’s incredibly important to support women sports. The most important characteristic of coaching, according to Paolo, is the chance to make his ideas and goals for this sport come to life.  Thanks to Paolo, in 2014/2015, the Lady Gladiators won the University Tournament. After the final game, the girls picked Paolo up to celebrate but they were very tired and Paolo was too heavy! He fell down and everybody was laughing, but this moment, even though physically painful for our coach, was one of the most memorable moments of his career at JCU.