JCU Men’s Basketball Sweeps ALG, 85-43

A one-way game last night for JCU Men’s Basketball team that earns a remarkable victory against Algarve (ALG).

The game, which is part of the UISP tournament, marks our Gladiators’ consecutive victory and currently puts JCU at the top of the ranking.

JCU dominates the game from the very beginning, leaving no chance to the opposing team to get close to the basket and score. Our Gladiators immediately tale a substantial advantage, closing the first set, 20-8.

In the second set, JCU doubles the advantage with a defense that is particularly active in blocking ALG attempts at scoring. Our Gladiators win the second set, 42-12.

In the last two sets, JCU keeps moving forward, also thanks to our captain Sussman who begins its series of successful three-point shots, scoring a total of 33/85pts. The third set ends 56-27; and the final buzzer stops the game on the final result of 85-43.

“Despite ALG is not the strongest team in the Championship, we still played with the right mentality from the very first minutes, showing a good dose of teamwork,” coach Serraino comments. ” In one week, we will leave for Croatia for the World InterUniversities Championship, and we will have to face more organized and solid teams. So we are happy about this victory, but now we need to remain focused and be ready to play like we played last night even in more pressing situations.”

And we definitely agree on that! We can’t wait to see you in action in an international contest! We are sure you will be able to proudly defend our colors and our university!

MVPMax Sussman