JCU Coed Volleyball Falls to Alpha Delta Volley in a 3-0 Loss

After last-week victory against AUR, JCU Coed Volleyball team collapsed and lost 3-0 against Alpha Delta Volley (ADV) at last-night friendly game.

Our Gladiators committed too many mistakes that cost them the game and gave the chance to the opponents to earn points and win.

ADV dominated the match from the very beginning, defeating JCU with a large score gap in every set [25-17; 25-14; 25-17].

In particular, JCU offensive side was not really focused last night and made several mistakes that allow the opposing team to take home the victory.

One of the best points realized by our Gladiators during the game

“I am a bit disappointed with how the team played tonight,” coach Papari commented. “During the time-outs, I kept asking not to make all these mistakes, but the situation never changed. We lost against a decent team that was not impossible for us to defeat, especially on a technical level. We can play way better than than, but apparently, we are struggling to stand out, and we keep making many faults.”

Well Gladiators, that means that you will have to work harder. We know your potential and what you can do. So don’t give up because better days will come soon.

MVPFlaminia Giacomi