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Gladiator Day!

Last Friday, a group of JCU Gladiators, led by our wonderful athletic coordinators Marco Iorio and Alex Sabelli, and our helpful guide Carolina Tortorici, arrived in Civita di Bagnoreggio to hike through the famous “calanchi”. ¬†Although the group experienced some very muddy challenges due to the previous nights weather, they made it through and enjoyed one of the most beautiful views of this unique area.


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FC Grosseto Business Trip

Yesterday, September 4th, JCU Gladiators and members of the JCU Business Club went to visit FC Grosseto Club, which is competing in the Italian Serie D. The Italian-American club bought the team last year after a harsh crisis that would have let the Grosseto team fail. The investors created a strong team very quickly, ranking in the second place at the end of the first season. Their main goal is to make the FC Grosseto team reach the Italian Serie B within 5 years.


JCU students had the great chance to meet the managers and, most importantly, to talk to Ms. Janet Strackhouse, who is one of the owners of FC Grosseto. Specifically, she explained the mission of the club, its structure, its budget and revenues, as well as the countless obstacles they have been facing to do business in the soccer market.

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