A Weekend of Incredible Adventures in Sapri

On June 1st, JCU Athletics left with a good number of students for an amazing weekend in Sapri, a gorgeous town in the Campania region where they experienced three full sporty days in the middle of nature.

DAY 1:

After four hours of train, our Gladiators arrived in Sapri station where they immediately headed to the B&B La Spigolatrice. There, a delicious Welcome Buffet awaited our students so as to charge their batteries for the long afternoon. At 12:30 PM, they went to the Port of Scario where they left for an extremely fun boat tour until Costa degli Infreschi, a wonderful protected beach. Nobody could resist the temptation to jump and swim in its crystal clear blue water!

Our Gladiators during the boat tour, heading to Costa degli Infreschi

After that, our Gladiators headed back to Sapri where they had a great dinner at a local restaurant and a gelato stop on their way back to the B&B.

DAY 2:

Early wake-up for our Gladiators that was delighted by a delicious breakfast on the terrace of the B&B with an enchanting view of the sea. The second day started with a fun excursion in the beautiful WWF Oasis of Bussento with its majestic caves. Along the path, there was also a small lake with very cold waters, and some of our bravest Gladiators decided to jump in. You got guts!

Bussento Oasis


In the afternoon, they all went for a fun kayaking session in the Bussento river where they also had the chance to taste fresh mulberries from the tree.

At night, our Gladiators recharged by eating at a local pizzeria and then took a walk on the boardwalk with a refreshing gelato.


DAY 3:

Third day was really tough, especially the trekking route our Gladiators went through, called Apprezami L’Asino. The path was quite challenging, but the view was breathtaking, definitely worth it of the effort endured.

Apprezami L’Asino Pathway

After the hike, our Gladiators went back to the B&B where they could fill up their tummies with a rich Goodbye Buffet. Before leaving and hopping on the train back to Rome, they had a quick stop in the town of Sapri, which was covered in flowers for the Corpus Domini celebration.

It was an incredible weekend, and they all had so much fun! Thanks to all the students who joined us for this amazing trip, hoping that they will come back to the U.S. with many wonderful memories!