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Gladiator Day!

Last Friday, a group of JCU Gladiators, led by our wonderful athletic coordinators Marco Iorio and Alex Sabelli, and our helpful guide Carolina Tortorici, arrived in Civita di Bagnoreggio to hike through the famous “calanchi”.  Although the group experienced some very muddy challenges due to the previous nights weather, they made it through and enjoyed one of the most beautiful views of this unique area.


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Lace up your boots and grab your backpack. It’s time to hike!

Do you like nature and wish to increase your level of exercise? Well, hiking is the perfect activity for you!
The athletics department at JCU offers two hiking weekend trips that you just can’t miss! Athletics provides its students with the most knowledgeable and friendly guides, combined with the best routes and food for an incredible hiking experience.

Why should you participate in our hiking trips?

It’s healthy, it’s cheap, it’s a real life experience and it’s an activity that you can experience forever, so why not start now, in Italy!
You have the chance to choose between two packages.

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