Week 5: Big Wins & Disappointing Losses

The Gladiators took on Week 5 with strength and determination. We had some big wins that we hope the Gladiators can continue with in the next weeks!

Men’s 5on5 Soccer: SAP vs JCU

Another tough match for our Men’s 5on5 Soccer team that took the field on Monday night, Feb 14, against Sapienza. Unfortunately, this new team of ours still needs time to practice to become as competitive as the other teams playing in the University of Rome Championship; however, the Season is not over yet, and our guys will have new opportunities to play and show their Gladiators’ spirit.

Coach Manuel Franceschi was disappointed about the second half:

While the first half was decent, as we were able to keep the ball and played many actions actions in the opponents’ field, the second half saw La Sapienza taking over the game completely, due to our tiredeness and the lack of bench players, who were not enough for the substitutions we needed.

MVPErick Valencia

Next Game:
JCU vs CAT | Monday, February 21 | 9:30 pm | Trastevere Stadium

COED Volleyball: AUR vs JCU: 2-1

The first game of the University of Rome Tournament starts with a victory from our JCU Gladiators. The players were focused during each set and easily beat our competitor’s AUR. The team played together seamlessly and showed true aggressiveness by scoring multiple points at the time. Luke, Taylor, and Russell’s strikes were precise and our captain Sofia, even though she was playing out of position adapted well to it and give confidence to the entire team.

MVP Sofia Parenti

Next Game:
BMV vs JCU | Monday, February 21 | 8:50 pm | Via Vestriccio Spurinna, 152

Men’s Soccer JCU vs SAP: 1-0

JCU entered the field focused and ready to play even with some missing players. La Sapienza also came ready to battle but the Gladiators never gave up a goal. Throughout the second half things were head to head and the match was even. However, JCU was able to score with a penalty kick overtaking SAP and winning 1-0. This is the first win for Men’s soccer and hopes to start a winning streak.

Coach Ion Marian couldn’t be happier with this win:

Despite the many absences due to injuries, the players gave everything for this team and their teammates. As a manager, this is all I can ask for from my team. Little by little, we are gaining confidence and courage.
Winning goal scored by Giorgio Castellani

MVP Jack Dunning

Next Game:
UCB vs JCU | Thursday, February 24 | 9:00 pm | Via Valleranello, 67

Women’s Soccer JCU vs UCB: 3-0 | By Forfeit

Next Game:
LCU vs JCU | Monday, February 21 | 8:00 pm | Trastevere Stadium

Basketball LIB vs JCU: 21-46

JCU Gladiators started the first half playing great basketball and moving the ball down the court. However, the second half had some bad calls made by the referee against both teams taking out two players by fouls. Despite the high emotions, the Gladiators pulled through for their fourth consecutive win.

Captitain Noam held the team together through the bad calls:

The best part of the game was to see how my teammates were able to ignore the doubtful decisions the refs made and not lose their heads, securing the W.

MVP – Capitan Noam Yawetz

Next Game:
MOT vs JCU | Monday, February 21 | 9:00 pm | Via Ciminà