Men's Soccer Coach Ion Marian

ita Italy
mda Moldova
Current Team
John Cabot University – Men’s Soccer, JCU, JCU


Name: Ion Marian
Hometown: Nisporeni, Moldova
Team Coach: Men’s Soccer – Goalkeepers Coach
Previous Coaching Experience: ASD Caere, ASD Virtus Ladispoli, US Ladispoli, Atletico Ladispoli
Favorite Quote/Motto: A group of people who share the same goal can do the impossible.
There’s no defeat in the hearts of those who fight.

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1. What do you like the most about coaching at JCU?
I like getting into contact with students from all round the world. Talking to each one of them definitely allows you to get to know different cultures. When you are also able to teach players something new, whether it is on a sport or personal level, you know that your teachings are going to stay with those players who will take them on the other side of the world.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have ever encountered while coaching at JCU?
My biggest challenge is teaching players that it is not the individual who wins a game by himself. A single player can make it once, but the victory is always on the entire team when everyone is able to collaborate.

3. What do you expect in your players? What is the most important characteristic they should have?
I don’t have any specific expectations. According to the students’ technical and personal skills, we carry out different works. However, something that I expect from the players is always showing willingness to learn and grow. This is a fundamental aspect helps us to move on in sports as in life.