Two Out Two: JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer and Basketball Teams Win Against UFI and MLB

Festive night for JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer and Men’s Basketball teams, which both conquered two great victories respectively against University of Foro Italico (UFI) and Mazzalupo Basket (MLB).

Our Lady Gladiators have already proven their talent in the previous game two weeks ago, but last-night game was the definitive proof. JCU won 6-4 against UFI, which is one the most valid teams in the Universities of Rome Championship league.

UFI started strong in the first half and immediately took the lead for 0-1. However, the opponents underestimated our ladies’ determination, and JCU tied the result soon enough thanks to Stella. The two teams played a balanced first half that ended on a draw, 1-1.

Stackhouse #11 Goal – JCU vs UFI
February 17, 2020

In the second half, JCU entered back the field with great character and dominated until the end of the game. Stackhouse and Stella took the game to another level thanks to an impressive goleada, leading JCU to a total of 6 goals against 4 by UFI. The opponents attempted at a comeback, but JCU defense also worked well, and the game ended with our ladies’ win and three important points to put in our pocket and begin our climb up to the top of the ranking.

“We played an excellent game,” coach Farina commented. “We made very few mistakes and moved extremely well on the offensive side. Based on the way we played, we could have scored a lot more. The entire teams is enthusiast and focused, and they are all approaching to the Championship with the right mind.”

Congratulations, ladies! We are really proud of you!

MVP Rebecca Stella

LCU vs JCU | Thursday, February 20 | 8:30pm | Trastevere Stadium

At the same time, our Men’s Basketball team was in action in an away game in the UISP tournament against MLB. Our Gladiators played very well and were able to take home another significant victory, 63-79.

JCU efficiently started the first quarter. The performance dropped a little bit towards the end of the quarter, but our Gladiators were still able to close it with an advantage of 8 points over MLB, 12-20. Brown‘s offensive choices were excellent as well as Corral‘s skills as playmaker who was always properly positioned on the court in order to quickly drive the counterattack. Strong performance by Kaplan, too.

Claudio Buratti #99 – MVP of the Game

In the second quarter, JCU lost a little bit of energy. Our Gladiators found a hard time to read MLB defensive strategies, which gained more ball possessions. However, JCU was still able to take home the second quarter by 3 points, closing it at 33-36.

In the last two quarters, JCU found back its confidence and was able to perform good solutions to attack the opponents’ area. Buratti scored double figures and thanks to McLain‘s and Brown‘s three-point shots, JCU advantage became too out of reach for the opposing team. Important contribution also came from Lacerda on the offensive side and Chapman in defense.

“We proudly take home this victory with the positive feeling that we also have a solid team this semester,” coach Serraino said. “We are only at the second game of the UISP tournament, and I’m sure that we can do even better in the next games!”

Congratulations, Gladiators!

MVPClaudio Buratti

UISP Tournament – JCU vs ARB | Thursday, February 20 | 7:45pm | Petriana Court