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Week 6: Through Hail & High Waters

Another busy week for our JCU Gladiators as they continue to fight for victories against their many competitors. Although we had some difficult losses we also had some incredible wins that we should be proud of. Volleyball, Basketball & Men’s Soccer continue to prove their determination with multiple victories and Women’s soccer and 5on5 are giving everything they have to pull through and dominate. Let’s give it up for our Gladiators!

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RUN4INCLUSION – Roma Marathon 2021 Champions

Our very own Athletic Coordinator, Alessandro Sabelli, loves a good challenge, especially if it has a way to help others. Each year, Alessandro dedicates his time to raising money for a different foundation or fundraising project.  This year, alongside JCU’s student Nicholas Modin, he ran the Rome Marathon with a Joelette for Sport Senza Frontiere.

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