Men’s Soccer First-Round Semifinals JCU vs LCU Game Recap

Last night, JCU Men’s Soccer team played the first round of semifinals in the Universities of Rome Championship against Link Campus University (LCU), a very competitive team and currently at the top of the ranking.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to do for our Gladiators who lost the match 0-3, but they still exhibited great courage and tried to give their best during the game.

“Our team started off the game with the right focus and determination. We were able to show off some good play and put enough pressure on the opposing team,” coach Riccardo Concari commented at the end of the game. “However, after LCU first score, our team lost a little bit of faith, which gave more confidence, instead, to the opponents to score again.”

Then, Riccardo continued, “We were also really unlucky, though. We got many unjustified yellow cards, and we even missed a fundamental penalty kick that could have brought more faith in our team.”

Congratulations to the Captain Riccardo Vallese for having received the Most Valuable Player recognition. Did not only Riccardo played a good game, but he also kept going and played with his heart despite he got injured during the game.

In two weeks, there will be the second round of Semifinals against LCU. We know it is going to be hard game, and it’s going to be even harder to qualify for the Finals. But nothing’s impossible, and if you work hard and stay positive, anything can happen! So next week, you will have to play with your heart, Gladiators!

Now get some rest, enjoy Easter and have an amazing Spring Break!