Oroverde Tournament: Bitossi vs JCU Recap

Even for our Coed Volleyball team, the season is about to end. Last night, our Gladiators played the last away game of the Oroverde Tournament against Bitossi.

Unfortunately, JCU couldn’t get away with a victory, losing 3-1. However, our Gladiators still played a good match, often putting the opposing team in difficult situations.

“We won the second set, and we were also really close to win the third set. We fought well, and we played a good game. We tried to give our best, but, unfortunately, fortune wasn’t on our side this time,” coach Stefano Papari commented at the end of the game.

Then, he continued, “I’m still happy that all the players had the chance to play in the game, and all of them played a very good game. This bodes well for next big appointment against Foro Italico.”

Reed Jones won again the Most Valuable Player recognition for this game because he was able to express an excellent play during the entire match. Congratulations, Reed!

Shoutout to Nate Butler, as well, for providing the best and funniest support to the team during the game!

Now it’s time to take a small break, and then get ready for the last game in the Universities of Rome Championship against Foro Italico before heading to the play-off session.

Don’t eat too much during Spring Break, Gladiators, and keep yourself in shape for the game’s starting to get tough now!
Happy Easter and have a wonderful Spring Break from JCU Athletics!