JCU Volleyball Captain Veronica Passes the Torch to Flaminia as the new Captain

The Oroverde Tournament goes on even during summer break, and last night, our volleyball team Captain Veronica Rusich played her last game as a JCU Gladiator and passed the torch to Flaminia Giacomi, who now becomes the new Captain of the team.

Veronica and Flaminia represent our Gladiator spirit at its best both on and off the field.

“During the years playing with us, Veronica has shown a determining attitude worthy of an Olympic team. She has always been available to help me and her teammates,” coach Papari commented.

Flaminia and Veronica during this-year Athletics Awards

Veronica, you have been a real CAPTAIN for the volleyball team in every possible way! So thank you for everything you have done for us. We will miss you greatly!

And now it is time for Flaminia to take on this important role. Coach Papari said about Flaminia, “Since the day she has started playing with us, Flaminia’s contribution to the team has always been extremely important, and she has been able to gain my trust and respect in a short time. I am confident enough that she will be able to do a great job as captain, carrying on Veronica’s work outstandingly.”

Expectations are quite high, Flaminia, but we believe in you, and we can’t wait to see you in action for the next Season!

Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio and Volleyball Coach Stefano Papari during last-night game

Regarding the game, JCU played a great match against Vigna Pia, winning 3-1. Since most of our players already left Rome for the break, JCU lined up in the field a particular team. Indeed, Oroverde Tournament is not an exclusively college tournament, and staff can also play in it. In this case, the excellent performances of the Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio and Volleyball Coach Stefano Papari were also fundamental to the victory.

Congrats, Gladiators!

MVPLuca Azzariti