Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio

ita Italy

John Cabot University – Athletics Department Coordinator

Hometown: Anzio, Italy

Degree: Master’s Degree in Sports Science at Università degli Studi di Roma Foro Italico

Favorite sport/s: I like every kind of sport, but my first love has always been soccer. I also practice tennis and volleyball. Plus, due to my 5-year experience as a referee, I am the only one who cheers for them during a game!

Favorite team or athlete: I’ve always been in love with AS Roma, and with two sports legends: Francesco Totti and Roger Federer

Favorite Quote/Motto: “Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow” – Norman Vincent Pale

Fun fact about you: When I studied abroad in Belgium, I taught my colleagues some “important” Italian traditions, such as making the Scarpetta, having Merenda after lunch, drinking Students’ Coffee, how to correctly eat spaghetti. After all these years, they are still grateful to me for teaching them these important life lessons.

The best aspect of working for JCU Athletics: I love my job and the Gladiators family! I am lucky to work in such a dynamic environment, which gives me the chance to always meet new people and experiment to develop our sports program in the best way.