JCU Soccer Intramural – SUI 2019

Last night, the heavy rain didn’t stop some of our Gladiators from coming down to the field for our JCU Soccer Intramural.

Four short games with different teams each on rotation gave life to a special night of sport, fun, and friendship.

New and returning Gladiators battled altogether, and everyone showed good soccer quality on the field.

These were all the teams and players who confronted in the four games:

Team A: Castellani, Davoli, Giordano, Marconi, Moreno, Lawler, Titotto
Team B: Armistead, Derks, Fonvielle, Libler, Palazzi, Pinna Vodret, Sargent, Wilson
Team B wins 3-0 thanks to a double from Palazzi and one goal from Libler.

Team A (ITALY): Castellani, Cattaneo, Davoli, Giordano, Marconi, Palazzi, Pinna Vodret, Titotto.
Team B (REST OF THE WORLD): Armistead, Barone, Derks, Fonvielle, Lawler, Libler, Moreno, Sargent, Wilson.
The match ends 2-2 thanks to the goals of Castellani and Davoli for Team Italy, and a double from Moreno for The Rest of the World Team.

Team A: Armistead, Barone, Castellani, Derks, Giordano, Palazzi, Sargent, Titotto
Team B: Cairo, Cattaneo, Fonvielle, Lawler, Libler, Marconi, Moreno, Pinna Vodret, Wilson
Team B defeats Team A, 4-1, thanks to the goals of Moreno, Cattaneo, Marconi, and Wilson. Palazzi scores the only goal for Team A.

In the fourth game Team B wins again over Team A, 4-3, thanks to a double from Cattaneo and two own goals from the opposing team. Team A is still able to score three goals thanks Wilson, Palazzi, and Athletics Coordinator Sabelli.

Thanks to all the students who came playing with us despite the bad weather. We hope to see you again next Tuesday for the second round!