JCU Men’s Soccer: The Road So Far…

Dreaming big is the key to any success, and if you add an incredible group of talented young people who can turn the dream into reality with their strenght, determination, and enthusiasm, the game is made!

After an intense Regular Season in the Universities of Rome Championship, battling against 10 valid teams from other universities, JCU Men’s Soccer team remains at the moment the top team in the ranking with the highest number of total scored goals (33), marking a sensational milestone for the first time ever in JCU Athletics history.

From Fall 2019, every player has been fundamental to achieve this remarkable goal , and none of this could have happened without the steady guide of our two great coaches, Riccardo Concari and Ion Marian, who have helped our Gladiators express their potential on the field as individuals and as a team.

With this tribute video, we congratulate with our team and take a trip back to some of the best moments and games of the Regular Season.


JCU Men’s Soccer Team

The road is still long, and the most important part of the Season begins now. The Champions League phase is around the corner where we will see the top six teams take on one another again to earn a spot for the Finals!

Our Gladiators will have to prove again their talent and their characters on the field. Now the time has come to show what you are really capable of. So don’t lose the focus and keep working hard because the best is yet to come!

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are proud of you!