JCU Athletics Delegation Takes on Pianeta Sport TV

On Thursday, April 11th, a group of JCU Athletics representatives made their usual appearance on the Italian sports TV show, Pianeta Sport TV to discuss about the latest sports meetings and games in the Universities of Rome Championship.

Representing JCU Athletics during the show:
– Marco Iorio, JCU Athletics Coordinator
Ion Marian, Men’s Soccer Goalkeeper Coach
Guglielmo Donnini, Men’s Soccer team player
Serafino Pinna Vodret, Men’s 5on5 Soccer team Captain

If you missed the talk show on Rete Oro channel, you can watch the full episode below or you can skip to the JCU parts by selecting on the follwing minutes – 5:04 to 11:00 / 16:30 to 28:15 / 36:14 to 36:58 / 1:00:13 to 1:05:55