First Test-Match for JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer; Men’s Soccer Wins Again

Despite the poor number of student-athletes in our Women’s 5vs5 Soccer team this semester, our Lady Gladiators behaved well in their first friendly game last night.

JCU faced The American University of Rome (AUR) who ultimately gained the upper hand over our ladies, winning the match 4-2.

“We were only six players out on the field tonight, and after a while, it’s normal to feel tired and commit more mistakes,” Coach Farina commented.

First half of the game immediately saw the opponents taking the lead scoring three goals over the one from our player Lacielle Klotz.

In the second half, JCU tried to stand up to AUR scoring another goal thanks to Cameron Burns, but it was not enough to overturn the final result.

“We definitely made some good plays during the game, but there’s still a lot we need to work on. We will do better in the next game for sure!,” Farina added.

Keep working hard, ladies!

MVPYvonna Spigai

One hour later, JCU Men’s Soccer team was in action for another friendly game against Trastevere, winning their third match in a row.

In the first half, JCU struggled more to control the game with Trastevere pressing on our defense and gaining a penalty kick that went straight into our post, taking the temporary result to 0-1 for the opponents.

However, the second half marked an important turning point in the game with JCU setting up a more dynamic pace. Our Gladiators dominated the entire half, which immediately began with a score draw by our forward Mohamed Dido Haddad.

JCU kept scoring without rest thanks to Moreno (1), De Simone (1), and our captain Ortega (2).

Trastevere was also able to score back other two goals towards the end of the game, but there was nothing to do for the oposing team. The final whistle blew on the official results of 5-3 for JCU.

“There’s really good potential in this team, and I think we can have fun in this Season, but they still need to improve on different aspects. There should more responsibility in the group and willingness to learn,” JCU goalkeepers coach Marian commented.

“Tonight, the coaches lined up two opposite teams during the two halves, but despite that I noticed a very good and similar performance from both teams. I feel that this is an extremely homogeneous group that promises well even in the long terms,” JCU Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio, who also refereed the game, wanted to point out.

Great job, Gladiators! Keep it up now!