Dominant Start for Men’s Basketball at First Friendly Game

JCU Baksetball team couldn’t have had a better start last night in their first friendly game of the semester. Our Gladiators conquer a remarkable victory against Banca D’Italia team (BDI), taking home the game 71-79.

After a slow beginning, JCU is down to 8 points and doesn’t seem to find the right balance until the second half of the first quarter when our team is able to react, finding a good pace and more cohesion between the players.

Mostly thanks to JCU new shooting guard Max Sussman‘s abilities, our team is able to close the score gap, ending the first quarter 15-18 for BDI.

In the second quarter, JCU finds the pefect coordination also on the defensive side, and our Gladiators are able to play tactical moves and block many of the opponents’ attacks. JCU overturns the results and ends the second quarter with an advantage of 13 points over BDI, winning 31-44.

The excellent perfomance of JCU player David Axtell in defence contributes greatly in the secod quarter. On the offensive side, it is worth mentioning the remarkable performance of JCU small forward Edoardo Giudici and Francesco Giordano as ball carrier and play maker in different occasions.

Sussman keeps his three-point series also in the third quarter. Despite the oppsoing team’s attempts at a comeback, JCU is able to keep the advantage and closes the third quarter 54-69.

In the last quarter, JCU maintains a well-structured game both in the defense and offense and takes over BDI, winning the game 71-79.

Special mention also goes to Marco Fattore for his versatility. Marco began the game by playing as forward and then was able to efficiently replace Sussman in the midfield.

“In this first test-match, all of the players gave proof of their talent and excellent skills. I could already see efficient teamwork even though not yet really organized,” coach Serraino comments at the end of the game. “We will need to work and improve in order to find more cohesion both on the offensive and defensive sides, but the potential to make great things and take home many victories is definitely there!”

Congrats, Gladiators! This is the right start to what we hope will be a semester full of satisfaction!

MVP – Max Sussman

Earlier in the night, our JCU Ping Pong Intramural took place at Guarini Campus. The tournament was a success with many JCU students playing and battling to become the new JCU Ping Pong king.

The level of all the players was really good, but in the end Ruben Popper, JCU recent graduate gained the upper hand and won over Enrico Barchiesi, who got 2nd place, and Marco Distefano, who got 3rd place.

Thanks to all the students who came last night, and congrats to the winner!

COMING NEXT: Tennis Intramural | October 4th | 10:00am | Tennis Sport Libero | Come to JCU Fitness Center to sign up!