Great Win for Men’s Soccer in their First Friendly Game

After JCU Men’s Basketball victory on Tuesday night, another amazing win comes from Trastevere Stadium where JCU Men’s Soccer team defeats 4-1 Borgorosso (BRT) in their pre-season and first friendly game of the semester.

Thanks to an outstanding performance, our Gladiators are able to domintate the game since the very first minutes by pressing the opponents in a way that they find themselves scoring an owngoal.

The first owngoal is immediately followed by an amazing JCU goal realized by our midfielder Tommaso Cattaneo thanks to a lob that flies over the opposing goalkeeper’s head without any chance to be blocked.

At half of the first time, BRT reacts and scores back, but this does not stop our Gladiators who score their third goal thanks to our forward Mohamed Haddad.

The two teams go back to their respective locker rooms on the temporary result of 3-1.

The second half of the game takes on a similar path to the first one. JCU keeps the advantage over BRT who cannot respond to our Gladiators’ pressing.

The game ends 4-1 for JCU with our last goal realized by our Captain and forward Josè Pablo Ortega who never misses a shot when he goes for it.

“As a first game, I liked what I saw on the field tonight,” coach Riccardo Concari commented. “We made some mistakes during the game on which we will need to work better in the future, but we also did some things right. There were about 5/6 new players out there playing, and they really did a good job creating a cohesive team.”

Congratulations, Gladiators! We hope this can only be the beginning of many more victories when the official Season starts!

MVPTommaso Cattaneo

COMING UP NEXT: Men’s Soccer Friendly Game | JCU vs Maccabi | September 19 | 9:00pm | Trastevere Stadium