Lady Gladiators Fall Semester 16′ Season Recap!

This semester at JCU in the Fall of 2016.. Our Lady Gladiators women’s soccer team absolutely dominated the season, winning every competitive game that they participated in.. We could not be more proud of our Gladiator ladies as they worked incredibly hard and displayed some true pride for JCU!!

Valeria Muzzin, captain of the team, had this to say about the past semester,

“This semester has been very successful for the Lady Gladiators! The team won all of the games and built up a cheerful team spirit..
We cannot wait to start again next semester!”
The team’s coach, Paolo Farina, was incredibly supportive and helpful as he coached the ladies in the right direction every game!
Some new players this season, as well as new degree-seekers, made great additions to the team including Emily Funston, Katelynn Cunningham, Katarina Francis, Victoria Barton, and Mikhaela Razon!
To read more about the Lady Gladiators and this past semester, click the link below to the official women’s soccer page!:
We’re very excited about the prospect of next semester for the Lady Gladiators as they continue on with their winning streak! Let’s go ladies!!

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