JCU Men and Women’s Soccer Teams Final Game Recap

Last night, both of our Gladiators men and women’s soccer teams played their last games of the Fall 2016 semester!

Our Lady Gladiators played an away game at the Cotral field against Foro Italico,and won 6-2!! Victoria Barton scored 2 goals, Katelynn Cunningham 2, Pamela Contreras 1, and Emily Funston 1! All of the ladies played incredibly strong together though and pulled off a fantastic win, keeping their winning streak alive! Congratulations to our Lady Gladiators for a truly great Fall semester! 🙂

Our men’s soccer team played a tough home game at Trastevere Stadium against Link Campus University and although they lost, they played hard and refused to give up as a team.  The end score was 2-5 as José Ortega and Sam Russo were each able to score a goal.  Even though they didn’t win this game, they managed to play out a great Fall semester and remained strong as true JCU Gladiators!

Another Congratulations to both of our men and women’s soccer teams for an awesome semester.  Good luck with finals and we’ll see you next semester!


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