Women’s 5on5 Soccer Wins Big over AUR

Another busy Wednesday on the agenda last night, for 4 of our varsity teams who came down to the field for their respective games in the Universities of Rome Championship and the Oroverde Tournament.

Despite the not-so positive results from our Men’s Soccer, Men’s 5on5 Soccer, and Coed Volleyball teams, we take pride in the significant derby victory of our Women’s 5on5 Soccer team.

At 8:00 pm sharp last night was the tip-off that marked an important game for our Lady Gladiators who earned a 7-1 sweep over The American University of Rome (AUR).

Despite AUR efforts, JCU dominated the game and took the lead since the very beginning, scoring 5 goals only in the first half thanks to Keil (2), Fox (2), and Fantauzzi (1). h

JCU Midfielder Andrea Fox’ goal
February 27, 2019

In the reprise of the game, AUR re-entered the field more competitively and was able to score one goal, but it wasn’t enough to stop our ladies’ determination who immediately scored back other two goals thanks to Keil (1) and Fantauzzi (1).

“We fought head-on since the first few minutes of the match. AUR is a good team, but we were able to go that extra mile that allowed us to win,” coach Farina commented at the end of the game.

Congratulations, Lady Gladiators! We are proud of you!

Unfortunately, though, during the game one of our players, Sabrina Schick was injured due to a bad foul received by a player of the opposing team. We’ll be waiting for the medical response soon, but we hope it won’t be anything serious. We wish you a speed recovery, Sabrina!

MVPShanna Keil

Right after the end of the Women’s 5on5 Soccer game, it was the turn of our Men’s 5on5 Soccer team to face The American University of Rome (AUR) at Trastevere Stadium in another important derby.

Unfortunately, contrary to our ladies’ performance, our Men’s 5on5 Soccer team struggled against AUR and lost, 5-2.

A few minutes after the kick-off, AUR was able to score two goals and gained the upper hand, which destabilized JCU confidence and team balance.

Other two AUR goals arrived some minutes later in the first half, with a result of 4-0 in favor of the opposing team. However, towards the end, JCU reacted fiercely and was able to score two goals thanks to Royuela (1) and Palazzi (1).

February 27, 2019

The last AUR goal came in the second half, despite our Gladiators’ great efforts. JCU tried its best, but it wasn’t enough to overturn the result, a result that was also imposed by the impossibility to make changes during the game due to the small number of our players.

It was also a not-so quite fortunate game for our Gladiators who missed a few more goals, during the match, among crossbars and posts.

“Their goalkeeper did a great job, saving the goal more than once,” coach Franceschi pointed out.

Then he continued “It is harder to win when you have a limited number of players to rotate. Of course, I’m not happy about the result, but I am really satisfied with my team because they showed great improvements against all the odds. I’m positive that as soon as we find back our group and make up for the all the absences, we can do way better!”

Congratulations, Gladiators because despite everything, you keep showing us to be an amazing and talented team!

MVPFernando Royuela

At the same time our Men’s 5on5 Soccer team was playing its derby, JCU Men’s Soccer team was having a tough game at Giulio Onesti Stadium against Link Campus University (LCU).

JCU suffered a 6-1 loss against LCU, which showed again to be a very competitive and strong team and which currently seats in first place in the league ranking.

JCU Goalkeeper Marco Tortorelli

In the first half, JCU tried its best to stood up to the opponents and was able to control the game, letting LCU score only twice.

However, the second half saw more LCU dominance who was able to score other 4 goals, even though not without suffering one goal from our left back Moreno.

“There’s not much to say about this game,” coach Concari commented. “Link Campus is too strong for us to compete with in this moment.”

But don’t give up, Gladiators! Keep working hard and satisfatction will follow!

MVPIgnacio Moreno

JCU Coed Volleyball team was also in action last night for the second-round game against Green Hill (GRH) at Virgilio.

GRH defeated JCU, 3-0 [20-25; 19-25; 18-25], but our Gladiators didn’t let the opponents win easily and fought well every single set.

“I see progress in my team, even though it is yet too slow to bring home the victory,” coach Papari pointed out, “The problem is that we play a lot, and we don’t really have time to practice. Of course, it is harder to improve in thissituation.”

JCU Spiker and Captain of the team
Veronica Rusich #15

Despite our Gladiators lost, they did their best in order to win and never gave up until the end.

Then Papari continued, “I think this is the first game in which I finally see all the players fighting until the very last minute, and this gives me hope for the future. I want to be confident.”

Good job, Gladiators!

MVPChet Monday