JCU Team Captains on Pianeta Sport TV!

On Wednesday, November 15th, our Athletics Coordinator Marco Iorio and all three of our soccer team captains (Valeria Muzzin, Riccardo Vallese, Marco Fortuna) as well as Francesco Giordano from our coed basketball team, were featured on the Italian television program, ‘Pianeta Sport TV’ to discuss and represent JCU Athletics!

Below you can watch the entire program from start to finish!


Our Gladiators discussed how the season has been going so far, our first pep rally (with the new Gladiator mascot of course!), and the overall importance of Athletics in universities.

JCU Athletics Coordinator, Marco Iorio, spoke first about our victory (the Lady Gladiators soccer team) against the American University of Rome, as well the men’s 5v5 futsal victory against AUR – with Keivan Mollaian scoring the winning goal in the last seconds of the game.

Riccardo spoke about the men’s soccer team, and the fact that despite the results of the last few games, statistically speaking, JCU is doing very well and have demonstrated their potential through plays that are just not being finalized all the way through.

Valeria spoke about the women’s soccer team, mentioning that although they were able to win the championship last year, it wasn’t easy! It was still a very challenging game, and there is always something else to learn – even with a huge win!

Marco Fortuna, captain of the men’s futsal, said that he was incredibly grateful for the victory against AUR because they have been working very hard for this win

Francesco Giordano, captain of the coed basketball team, said that the team has been playing well but that he wants to be next to Foro Italico in the standings – he is confident that they’ll play the next game to win.

Next week will be the final week of games before the end of the Fall semester, so come out and support our Gladiators and help us show some JCU spirit!:

Tuesday- Volleyball at Oro Verde- 8:15 PM, the bus will leave from Tiber campus @ 7 PM

Basketball 8:15 PM (7:45 PM) at Roma Uno

Wednesday- Men’s soccer vs. ESN- 9:15 PM

Women’s soccer vs. Foro Italico away game (tentative)- bus will leave from Tiber campus @ 7:45 PM

Thursday- Men’s futsal vs. Link Campus away game- bus will leave from Tiber campus @ 7:45 PM