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Championship Finals

Last week was a very intense one for our Gladiators. Our Men’s Soccer team was engaged in the final phase of the championship, quarter-finals in a single match against Erasmus. Play-offs reached with great merit and determination, following a historic comeback by our boys who with 5 consecutive victories had brought themselves to fourth position, only behind the prestigious Foro Italico, Luiss and Link.

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JCU Men’s Soccer Team Earns the Pass and Kicks In to Semi-Finals

When it is time to pull out the right determination, our Gladiators don’t back down, bringing on to the field their best athletics skills.

Last night, JCU Men’s Soccer Team proved to be more than just individual players. Despite their season in the Universities of Rome Championship started in a not-excellent way, yesterday was the result of all the efforts and commitment that our Gladiators and their coaches have yet displayed all along. In a 3-1 victory, JCU swept over Erasmus In Campus (EIC) in the Quarterfinals and conquered the pass to the Semi-Finals.

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