Lace up your boots and grab your backpack. It’s time to hike!

Do you like nature and wish to increase your level of exercise? Well, hiking is the perfect activity for you!
The athletics department at JCU offers two hiking weekend trips that you just can’t miss! Athletics provides its students with the most knowledgeable and friendly guides, combined with the best routes and food for an incredible hiking experience.

Why should you participate in our hiking trips?

It’s healthy, it’s cheap, it’s a real life experience and it’s an activity that you can experience forever, so why not start now, in Italy!
You have the chance to choose between two packages.

One is the Frasassi Hiking trip at the Frasassi Caves, which are considered the largest hypogeal complex in Europe. These Caves are characterized by a set of underground paths of the length of about 30 km, divided into 8 different geological layers. The hike will have routes that foresee all the stalactites and stalagmites, secular limestone concentrations, from the most different forms, the Frasassi Caves are a popular destination for all caves lovers and nature lovers! For the low price of 140 euros, you will be able to have a round-trip to the caves, knowledgeable and friendly guides, lunches and dinner as well as accommodation all included and more…
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The other is a weekend at Montereale where the group will be guests of the Novelli family. They will teach us how to milk a cow, make cheese, make bread, and scavenge for and recognize protected species, wild herbs, chestnuts, and mushrooms. Montereale is located in Abruzzo and our accommodation will be a typical dairy farm.We will also eat the best food that the local culture has to offer. In fact, everything you will eat from the bread to the meat is proudly produced by the Novelli family farm. Apart from the culinary experience, the hike will take place in the The Enchanted Forest of Patrignone and the nearby forests, which are part of a unique ecosystem. While walking, our group will have an incredible spiritual experience where we will have the possibility to learn the history of the people and the local culture.
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