Discovering the Beauties of Sapri

Hi Gladiators!

Thinking of planning a trip soon?
Have you heard about our AMAZING weekend trip to Sapri?

This past weekend, September 9th-11th, some of our Gladiators took a trip to Sapri with our Athletics team and had an amazing time, taking boat tours and snorkeling along the beautiful coast filled with huge caves on land and in the sea! Sapri is a beautiful port town in Campania on the crystal clear Italian Tyrrhenian Sea.

After venturing into the ancient city of Sapri, they hiked along the coast and inside the “Grotta della Colonna”. They also hiked in the national park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, which contained tons of waterfalls, including the one of Casaletto Spartano’s infamous waterfalls, “Cascata dei Capelli di Venere”.

Venus Hair Waterfall - Casaletto Spartano

Trips like the one in Sapri are organized by the JCU Athletics Department and include all activities, commute, excursions, and food!

So, next time you are thinking about planning a trip, check out the JCU Athletics page on Facebook, our blog, or our website, which is under Student life on the John Cabot Website.

Check out the pictures below, courtesy of our Gladiator John Hurley, and our amazing video above made by Kayla Kanakry.

See you on the next adventurous experience!

Grotta della Colonna - Sapri

Special thanks go to Gerardo and Elena, owners of B&B Spigolatrice, to Gelateria Crivella for their sweet presents, to Captain Mario, and to Giamberto, Riccardo and the other friends of GolfoTrek!

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