Gladiator’s 50th Anniversary Alumni Soccer Game

In celebration of John Cabot University’s 50th Anniversary, JCU Athletics organized a coed soccer game of alumni vs current students at Trastevere Stadium. We had a great turnout with many alumni from over the years. It was so incredible catching up with everyone and seeing Gladiators we haven’t seen in a while.

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A Hiking We Will Go…

The Summer Semesters may be short but they are also sweet (and hot). To escape the heat of Rome our Athletics Team took students to two weekend trips, The Walk of The Gods in Amalfi and Sapri. Both trips had their challenges with steep stairs, rocky cliffs, and the hot sun, but were rewarding with beautiful views and dips in the Mediterranean Sea. Thank you to all the students, staff, and amazing host for both weekends…they were incredible!

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Spring 2022 Student Services Awards

Finally, the Student Services Awards were able to take place in person. It has been a long two years of Covid-19, regulations, masks, and evolution but we are here now and ready to celebrate our 2022 Athletic Champions. We cannot thank those enough for continuing to participate in sports, intramurals, and all athletic events. Your support has meant the world to us during these difficult times. Without further ado…our 2022 Gladiator Champions!

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