A Regular Season of Triumphs for the Gladiators of Men’s Basketball and Women’s Soccer

This week has been a true celebration of victories for our Men’s Basketball and Women’s 5on5 Soccer teams, both demonstrating their prowess in thrilling matches played against the Campus Biomedico University, as the last games of the regular season of Universities of Rome Championship.

Wednesday night turned the basketball court into an arena of glory as our Gladiators clinched victory against the home team, once again showcasing the strength and determination that define them, even though the match started slow and uncertain.

Equally impressive, our talented Women’s 5on5 Soccer players secured an extraordinary win against the same university, even while playing away from home. It’s a tangible sign of the talent and dedication of these girls proudly donning the colors of John Cabot University.

With these triumphs, we rejoice in seeing our teams occupy top positions in the rankings. The triumphant feats of our Gladiators have become the pride of our beloved JCU.

We cannot help but congratulate each member of the student-athletes, players who embody the Gladiators’ spirit and a great passion for fair-play and competition. Special applause goes to our extraordinary coaches, Jose Cano and Beatrice Boni, who skillfully guided the players through the first phase of the championship, facing challenges such as injuries, seasonal ailments, and the academic commitments that characterize the lives of student-athletes.

While we revel in these well-deserved successes, we are aware that the road ahead is still long. The upcoming week will provide our Gladiators with the opportunity to recharge during a well-deserved break from matches and training. After the Spring Break, they will face a challenging period, with the start of the second phase of the championship and participation in the International Sports Festival, tournament organized by ACG – Deree in Athens, for the Men’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, and Tennis teams.

Moreover, we cannot forget the academic commitments that characterize the second half of the semester at John Cabot University, confirming that our Gladiators are true champions both on and off the field.

We wish all our Gladiators a rejuvenating Spring Break, gearing up together to face the challenges that the coming weeks hold with determination and passion.

Go Gladiators!