Other Two Great Win to End the Semester for JCU Men’s Basketball and Coed Volleyball Teams

JCU Men’s Basketball and Coed Volleyball teams take the field last night for their last games of the semester before Winter Break, and both teams finish off with two significant victories in their respective tournaments.

JCU Men’s Basketball team wins the first official game of the UISP tournament 71-53 against Mazzalupo Basket (MLB), perfectly closing a semester full of excellent results for the team.

The first part of the game is not easy for our Gladiators. The opponents set up a good defense and seem quite skillful on the rebounds and move well the ball aroud the court. But JCU is still able to gain the advantage, ending the first quarter 15-10.

MLB remains clinged to our Gladiators also in the second quarter and shortens the score gap even more, taking the result to 28-27.

JCU attitude starts to change during the third quarter. The team sets up a more collaborative game, building on more precise game actions that allow them to breach through the opponents’ defense and score. Despite MLB attempts to overturn the result, JCU is still able to take home the third quarter 45-40.

Our Gladiators play the last quarter outstandingly, with an efficient defense and exploiting well all the opportunities at scoring. JCU increases the score gap and takes a substantial advantage over MLB, winning the game 71-53.

“I’m extremely proud of having had the chance to coach this team during the semester,” coach Serraino points out. “I will definitely miss all the visiting students who contribuited enormously to all the successes we had. But I hope that the degree seekers will remain consistent and will be able to adjust to the new players. The objective for next semester is that of keeping it up with the same determination in order to win the tournaments.”

We will also miss all the wonderful players we have had this semester. We would like to thank each one of you for your commitment and enthusiasm. We hope that you have enjoyed playing with us, and thank you for being our JCU DREAM TEAM!

Thanks to all our degree-seeking players, as well. Now it’s time for you to get some well-deserved rest and come back stronger for next semester!

MVPMarco Fattore

JCU Coed Volleyball team also rounds off the semester with another success, earning a remarkable 3-1 victory in the Oroverde tournament against Freestyle Volley (FSV).

JCU starts off strong in the first set and immediately takes the lead, winning 22-25. In the second set, our Gladiators keep on scoring and remain focused, playing extremely well and making very few mistakes. On a 14-19 partial result for JCU, however, FSV performs a come back and overturns the advantage, winning the set 25-22.

The third set is fought head-to-head. Despite a few moments of concession, our Gladiators are still able to control the game and take home the set on the advantages, winning 24-26.

In the fourth set, JCU path lies open. Our Gladiators exploit well the opponents’ exhaustion and plays quite easily, earning a 18-25 set win.

“This last win succesfully wraps up the entire semester. We have faced a very strong and well-prepared team tonight, and we still won,” coach Papari comments. “I am really happy with this victory because it rewards the team for all the commitment and hard work during the entire semester. We have had a very good team who has been able to create a cohesive group since the beginning. We are going to miss the players who will go back home, but I hope that we will find other good players for the upcoming semester, too.”

Thanks to all the visiting students for all the time and passion that you have dedicated to the sport and our team during this semester. Thanks to our degree-seeking players, as well, with whom we’ll meet again next semester ready to face the second part of the Season, hoping to earn many more victories together!

MVPMark Samaha