Men’s Soccer Derby is all White and Blue; First Test-Match for Men’s 5vs5 Soccer

Judging by our JCU Men’s Soccer team performances in this pre-season, chances are that this team can really shine when the actual Season starts. Last night, our Gladiators won 5-3 the friendly derby against AUR, taking home the fourth victory in a row.

Both teams started off the game really strong, playing the first half at high intensity. However, JCU seemed to have more energy and immediately took the advantage thanks to Cattaneo‘s goal and a double from Haddad. The first half ended on the temporary result of 3-1 for JCU.

In the second half, JCU started to lose a bit of focus due to the different changes in the line up. AUR exploited well the situation and was able to score back twice. However, this didn’t stop JCU from keeping the advantage with other two goals realized by Donnini and Ottati. The final whistle blew on a 5-3 official result.

Luca Ottati’s goal – JCU vs AUR – October 2, 2019

“We played well, but our opponents also showed to be a good and well-organized team,” coach Concari commented. “I think this was a good test for our team.”

Good job, Gladiators! We can’t wait to see you in action when the Season starts!

MVPTommaso Cattaneo

One hour earlier, JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer was taking the field for their first pre-season test-match, but the final result was not as positive as our Men’s Soccer team.

Our Gladiators also had to face AUR, but this time, the opposing team was able to defeat JCU, 4-2.

AUR mostly dominated the first half and took the lead with two goals. In the second half, our Gladiators reacted and was able to close to score gap thanks to the goals from Palazzi and Prosperi.

“We had many occasions to score but we couldn’t finalize, and this is something that we definitely need to work on better in the future,” coach Franceschi commented.

The game ended with AUR victory, but our Gladiators still managed to walk out of the game with their head held high.

“As a first test-match, I can’t complain. We fought until the end, and we never gave up,” Franceschi added. “This is also a new team, so I had to change the line up several times to actually see all the players in action.”

“The team might also suffered the absence of our first goalkeeper who is currently injured. We have a new goalkeeper who is moving into this role for the first time, so he will need some time to improve,” Franceschi concluded.

Let’s go, Gladiators! Keep working hard!

MVPConrad Smits