JCU Coed Volleyball Team Earns 3-0 Victory Against AUR/Polo Didattico

The Universities of Rome Championship for our Coed Volleyball team proceeds, and our Gladiators are more unstoppable than ever.

Last week, we left with JCU team showing little improvements and performing a good game in the Oroverde Tournament against Cam Volley, even though it wasn’t enough to win, also given the deal of experience of the opposing team.

But, of course, our Gladiators don’t give up easily, and yesterday night marked the definite comeback! JCU crushed AUR/Polo Didattico Bambin Gesù team, earning 3-0 victory that also boosted Gladiators’ confidence for the next games.

“It was a good game but not really demanding for our team ” coach Stefano Papari said. “We can say that AUR/Polo Didattico is a newbie team as the two groups have recently combined together and don’t have yet a lot of experience as one single team. Indeed, our team was much more tactically and technically prepared than the opponents, and I am also happy about the performance of our Gladiators because they are finally showing some improvements and cohesiveness.”

In this game, everyone played a fundamental role, but the MVP recognition goes to the Captain of the team, Flaminia Giacomi thanks to her excellent performance and contribution to the final victory. Congratulations, Flaminia!

This was definitely an important game for our Gladiators, which puts them in a solid position in the ranking and gives them the necessary confidence to attack Foro Italico team, currently the favorite team in the Championship.

Next Monday, March 12th, JCU will be playing again in the Oroverde Tournament against Alpi team, a match that can be fundamental to get ready and warm up the engines for the returning game against Foro Italico.

Keep it up, Gladiators!