JCU Volleyball Attempting a Comeback and JCU/AUR Basketball Friendly Game

Last night, our JCU Coed Volleyball team played an away-game against Cam Volley as part of the Oroverde Tournament.

Despite the period is not the most flourishing one for our Gladiators, yesterday’s game was the proof that JCU team is there and is improving little by little even though it wasn’t able to bring home a victory, losing 3-1. However, JCU didn’t make it easy for the opposing team who had to fight hard in order to win the game.

“Our Gladiators started the first set in a very low key, suffering a heavy defeat. But our players proved to be real Gladiators and didn’t surrender. They immediately reacted strong, winning the second set and getting close to win the last two sets, as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t win because our team let its young experience gain the upper hand, unlike Cam Volley,” coach Stefano Papari commented at the end of the game.

Then, he continued, ” We haven’t been really working out lately due to various external circumstances, and the team has probably been effected by that. Our Gladiators are definitely turning into a more cohesive team, and they are showing bits and pieces of technical and tactical improvement. I am sure that they will be able to show what they are really capable of with more practice.”

This game MVP recognition goes to Giorgia Cappelletti. Giorgia was able to stay focus for the entire game, playing well either in reception and in defense. She was the one who gave stability to the team. Good job, Giorgia!

One thing is clear…Our Gladiators definitely don’t lack the necessary determination. If you work a little bit more on your technical and tactical skills, you will become unstoppable! So don’t give up and keep working hard!

On Wednesday, February 28th, the Universities of Rome Championship was supposed to begin for our JCU Basketball team, but the game was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Therefore, our team decided to organize a training/friendly game together with the American University of Rome. The players were divided into two teams of seven players each and played five quarters of 10 minutes each.

“You could tell that it was a nice friendly game. There wasn’t any fierce competition, but they all played to have fun together. We also decided to combine the players from JCU and AUR into the same team. It was a good and positive night, a shared moment of brotherhood,” JCU coach Francesco Serraino said about the game.



During the game, Kevin Stewart, a JCU player and study abroad from Iowa State University, was able to stand out among the others thanks to his great athletic skills. This is why, the coach wanted to award Kevin with the MVP recognition.
Congrats, Kevin! We hope to have you on board when the official championship begins! We are counting on you!


Don’t forget that on Tuesday, March 6th, we are also having our internal Basketball 3 vs 3 Tournament. Spread the word, Gladiators, and join us at Virgilio gym at 9:00 pm for a great tournament!