JCU Volleyball First Test – Needs Technical Improvement but Good Teamwork Spirit

On Monday, October 15, JCU Volleyball Team had its first test in a friendly game against ASD Giro Volley.

The game was quite straighforward with the opposing team decisively winning the match for 0-4. However, our Gladiators have been practicing together since only one month and half, and last night was their first game together. “The opponents were much more organized as a team on a technical level compared to us,” JCU coach Stefano Papari commented. “Despite we lost, I am proud of my players because they showed great determination on the field and never backed down for a second.”

Then, Stefano continued, “I noticed a good synergy among all of my players. They gave proof of being a cohesive team, and they worked together during the entire game even when the result was clearly against us. I think this was a good test to understand the different technical aspects on which we should work from now on.”

Good job, Gladiators! This was only the first game, and there’s still a lot of work to do, so don’t give and give your best!
We look forward to seeing you in action when the Universities of Rome Championship starts the first week of November!