JCU Men’s Soccer Earns a 1-5 Win Over LUMSA

Another game, another victory for JCU Men’s Soccer team who seriously seems to have hit the ground running in this first part of the Season.

For the fourth game of the Universities of Rome Championship, JCU faces LUMSA, which is a new team in the tournament. The opponents don’t create any particular difficult situations for our Gladiators who easily win this away game 1-5.

JCU starts off the game strong and immediately takes the lead thanks to a double by Donnini served by Lanzafame‘s perfect corner kicks. Donnini also proves well in defense, saving LUM attempt at scoring right on the line. Towards the end of the first half, JCU captain Ortega increases the advantage, pulling off the third goal. The first half sees JCU winning 0-3 over LUMSA.

Donnini’s goal – LUM vs JCU – November 11, 2019

Due to a general inattention, the second half resumes with LUM goal. However, JCU controls the game well, and our Gladiators are able to keep a steady rhythm, which leads to score again twice thanks to Ottati and Haddad, winning the game 1-5.

“This could have been a difficult game for us because we could have risked to play it fast and loose after last-week victory against UFI,” coach Concari affirms. “However, our players have shown great focus and determination!”

“I also would like to highlight the performance of Malek and Gianmarco who made their debut on the field and gave a significant contribution to the game,” Concari added.

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are extremely proud of you! Now we can’t wait to see you in action in an international contest at the World InterUniversities Championship in just two days!

MVPGuglielmo Donnini


At the same time, JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer team is busy playing against Università Europea di Roma (UER) at Trastevere Stadium. However, our Lady Gladiators can’t imitate the Men’s Soccer team success and falls to UER 5-1.

UER immediately gains the upper hand over JCU, closing the first half with a 0-3 result. In the second half, UER is able to increase the advantage with other two scores but not without leaving their goalpost untouched. JCU player Ramos Yetsko, indeed, successfully kicks and centers the opponents’ goal.

Ramos Yetsko’s goal – JCU vs UER – November 11, 2019

“We tried until the end and we never gave up, but unfortunately we struggled to score,” coach Farina comments. “We also need to consider the fact that our number of players is always very limited, and that doesn’t help us at all. Anyway, I am pretty sure that next game will be our turning point.”

And so are we, ladies! So keep working hard because it is only with commitment and sacrifice that you can obtain the best results!

MVPMoellyn Ramos Yetsko