JCU Men’s Basketball Fights Head to Head Against Petriana in Friendly Game

Tough but valid test for JCU Men’s Basketball team who faced Petriana Basket (PB) in an exciting and well-fought friendly game, last night.

Both teams gave a very good performance, but it was PB who ultimately gained the upper hand over JCU and won only at the extra time, 66-59.

PB mostly dominated the first two quarters, leading of a few points over our Gladiators who always found themselves attempting at an upswing. In the first part, JCU suffered a little bit more in defense due to the opposing team efficient offensive tactics from the outside of the area.

The first and second quarters ended in favor of PB, 15-12 and 33-24.

In the third quarter, JCU switched to a man-to-man defence strategy and was able to perform an excellent comeback, closing the fourth quarter to a tie, 57-57.

The game went to the extra time, but the overall limited number of players in our team playing last night (only 7) affected the fate of the game at the end, and PB was able to earn the advantage again over JCU, taking home the victory.

“This game was a good test for us to understand the potential and the aspects on which the team needs to improve,” coach Serraino commented. “The skills and the energy to compete even at higher levels are there, and I’m sure that this team will prove it soon.”

Good job, Gladiators! We can’t wait to see more action soon!

MVPNoah McLain

Universities of Rome Championship BK3 (2nd Round) | Thursday, February 13 | 7:45pm | Petriana Court