JCU Men’s Basketball Turns the Tables Against Corbasket

JCU Men’s Basketball finally takes its revenge on the opponents’ home turf in last-night UISP game against Corbasket, winning 59-63.

Our Gladiators immediately start off strong dominating the first quarter thanks to the quintet composed of Sussman, Giordano, Roux, Axtell, and Denham. JCU defense is steady and the offensive side is efficient with Sussman‘s and Giordano‘s successful three-point shots. The first quarter ends with a significant advantage over Corbasket for 8-19.

At the beginning of the second quarter, JCU keeps playing a dynamic game also thanks to Suplizi‘s contribution on the offensive side. However, the opposing team doesn’t want to give up and gains various fouls and free throws that allow them to shorten the score gap. At the end of the second quarter, JCU is still winning by 27-34, even though Corbasket takes home the second frame, 19-15.

In the third quarter, our Gladiators attempt for a more aggressive defense, but that only makes the situation worse because they commit more mistakes, giving the chance to the opponents to score repeatedly. The opponents tie the result. The third quarter ends 44-44.

The last quarter sees a head-to-head game with the two teams playing really hard. Tiredness, however, becomes starting to affect both JCU and Corbasket. Our Gladiators show more cleverness, though, and earn the victory, 59-63.

Important contribution during the game also comes from Samaha who plays well both in defense and offense, Fattore who always proves to be very energetic and versatile, and Tricarico who helps the team a lot in defense.

Congratulations, Gladiators! This is the right energy that you need to bring forward in every game!

MVP – Max Sussman

UISP Tournament – JCU vs Algarve | Thursday, November 7 | 7:45 pm | Petrina Court