JCU Coed Volleyball and Men’s Basketball Stumble Against AUR and HSC

Not a night of celebration for our JCU Coed Volleyball and Men’s Basketball teams yesterday. Unfortunately, both of our teams lost their games respectively against The American University of Rome (AUR) and Honey Sport City (HSC).

During the first-round game of the Universities of Rome Championship last semester, JCU defeated AUR 2-1. However, this time the opponents came down to the field more prepared and got their payback by winning 2-1
[25-20; 25-18; 24-26].

Universities of Rome Championship
February 19, 2019

Both JCU and AUR teams committed quite a few mistakes during the game, giving an overall decent and balanced performance as the results of the single sets also proved.

Even though with a slight score difference, AUR was immediately able to take the lead by winning the first two sets. In the last set, however, JCU found more control of the game and reacted, rewarding their efforts with at least one-set win against a team that didn’t have any intention to give up.

“I didn’t really like the game tonight,” coach Papari commented. ” It is true that this semester we have a really busy calendar that doesn’t allow to practice that much, but this has not to be taken as an excuse for our performances.”

Coach Stefano Papari and JCU setter and vice-captain Flaminia Giacomi

Then Papari continued, “Apart from some technical mistakes during the game, what I care about more and want to see in my players is teamwork. Teamwork is fundamental if we want to win. My players still need to grow a lot individually and as a team. I see a lot of potential in them, that is why I also expect more from them.”

So keep working hard, Gladiators! Stay focused and don’t give up!

MVP – Thomas Davis
Thomas showed considerable willingness to learn, and he humbly did his best from the beginning of the game, giving an outstanding performance.

Similarly, JCU Men’s Basketball suffered their first loss in the second half of the UISP tournament against HSC, who defeated our Gladiators, 62-41.

It was a tough game for our Gladiators who played an away game in a court that had different dimensions from the home one. Indeed, JCU found a bit of a hard time adjusting their energy and throws from the various distances.

The first two quarters saw a quite balanced game with HSC gaining advantage but with JCU staying close on them. In particular, JCU defense worked well, being able to adjust their usual zone defensive tactic to a different one that would cover the perimeter, as well.

“It was not easy to move around a court that is bigger than the one we are used to, but our defence was quite efficient after all,” coach Serraino pointed out.

First quarter ended 21-15 for HSC; and second quarter finished off 36-29.

UISP tournament
February 19, 2019

The third quarter was, instead, a disaster with JCU scoring only two points during the entire time. This gave the chance to the opponents to outstrip our Gladiators, bringing the result to 56-31.

“Contrarily to to the defensive side, we had a lot of gaps and confusion on the offesive side. Luke tried his best, and he was the one who scored the most, but overall, the team was not fully able to take advantage and seal all the oportunities they had,” coach Serraino continued.

In the last quarter, JCU was able to react a little bit and stand up to HSC with a partial result of 6-10 in favor of JCU. However, it wasn’t enough to tie or win the game, which ended with HSC victory.

Serraino added, “What fooled us tonight was the third quarter. We lost many points there, and if we had played it better, it would have given more confidence to the team, and we could have even won the game.”

That’s a pity, but we know you, Gladiators! And we know that you are going to get your payback next time! So keep it up!

MVP – Luke Morrisroe