JCU Beach Volleyball Intramural – SUI 2019

A fun afternoon spent among sport and friends at our JCU Beach Volleyball Intramural yesterday.

Many students participated, and they all proved to be very good players, showing some very excellent moves and plays on the court.

Five teams of three players each battled to try take home the victory. These were the teams:

Flaminia Giacomi
Luca Azzariti
Kiersten Allen

Christal Wong
Mckenna Foster
William Thornton

Guglielmo Donnini
Camilla Santoro
Giorgio Castellani

Claire Janecek
Hudson McCabe
Danielle Mullen

Serafino Pinna Vodret
Hannah Martin
Marco Iorio

The qualifying round was divided into five different games where all the teams played against each other. At the end of the qualifying round, TEAM E was dominating the ranking with 8 points (all wins, no loss), followed by TEAM A with 6 points, TEAM C with 4 points, and TEAM D with 2 points.

TEAM E played the Final game for the 1st/2nd place against TEAM A, while TEAM C played the Finals for the 3rd/4th place.

This is the final ranking:

1st place – TEAM E
2nd place – TEAM A
3rd place – TEAM C
4th place – TEAM D
5th place – TEAM B

Thank you to all the students who came and joined us in this tournament, and congrats to all of you!

The Winning Team
Marco Iorio, Serafino Pinna Vodret, Hannah Martin