Giochi Senza Barriere 2019 – JCU Delegation

Last night, some of our JCU Gladiators lived one of the most incredible experiences ever by participating in the Giochi Senza Barriere event at Stadio dei Marmi. GSB is an event organized by the Art4Sport Onlus, which is Bebe Vio‘s sports association dedicated to the promotion of the paralympic sport in Italy.

JCU lined up some Gladiators among, staff, faculty, and student-athletes, accompanied by other Art4Sport Onlus team members.

Oney Tapia followed by Michele, Caroline, and Giorgio in the CATERPILLAR GAME

This-year event was called Wondermad, and it was based on the Disney animated movie, Alice in Wonderland. Eight teams represented a different city and a character from the movie. In each team, there were also three special guests, famous figures from the Italian sports and entertainment world who played with the participants.

Frank Matano and Paolo ready for the CARD GAMES @GSB

New York was the city that JCU had to represent, and our famous people were Frank Matano, an Italian comic actor, Stefania Spampinato, an Italian actrees who works in the U.S., known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy TV series, and Oney Tapia, an Italian paralympic athlete specialized in the shot put and discus throw.

In the afternoon, all the teams had the chance to test the four games before the beginning of the competition. The games were really fun and required good athletics skills, testing speed, strenght, and agility.

Our New York team gave the best in all the games, taking home some very useful points for the final ranking. Everyone played, and we all had so much fun running up and down, dressed up as Alice in Wonderland mad hatters, caterpillars, cards, and much more.

JCU Professor Khaison Duong with Emanuele dressed as Pinco Panco and Panco Pinco in the CLOCK GAME @GSB

Our teamwork was flawless, mostly thanks to the preciuos help of our special kids who gifted us with a lot of energy, smile, and adrenaline. We fought, and we were able to take home an excellent 3rd place.

This experience was definitely fun, but mostly, it was a fundamental life-lesson for all of our Gladiators. Thank you to Art4Spport Onlus and Bebe Vio for invinting us to this sensational event. It was an honor for us to be there.

Also, thanks to each one of our team members. You made the day even more special, and nothing would have been possible without you! So congrats to everyone, and thank you, again!

If you missed the event, no worries! You can watch our JCU Gladiators’ endeavours by clicking HERE!